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Continuous watching of television programs and commercials reinforces smart-alecky behavior (virtually all situation comedies use sarcasm and wisecracking as their basis for humor) and that being empty headed and having a jiggly body is what women are about, that pleasing others and achieving status are the primary purposes in life, and that happiness and success are external qualities that one purchases. Moreover, the continuous watching of television keeps you from acting with your children, which is the primary reason to shut it off more frequently and be with them in the ways I recommend throughout the pages of this book. What you turn off the television set, or even better, when you provide alternatives, the children will ultimately turn it off themselves. Give children the opportunity to try new things, to create new friends, to take charge of their world, and to develop their minds and bodies in the wellness fashion being recommended in this chapter. The less time they spend sitting and being entertained by others, the more time they will have for taking responsibility for their own health and happiness. It is easier to get flabby and disinterested in life in front of a television set, so try to limit that input as much as possible.



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