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Birthing Naturally

A site that gives a month-by-month description of pregnancy, as well as good information for birth preparation. Includes an international guide for finding a local midwife or doula.

La Leche League

La Leche League International helps mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

A wonderful breastfeeding resource with videos, fact sheets, and many useful breastfeeding links.

Sarah Buckley

Medical Doctor, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering gives the best medical information so that you can be informed, supported, nourished and inspired as you embark on your extraordinary journey, bringing new life into the world.


Simplicity Parenting

For those who want to slow their children's lives down but don't know where to start, Kim John Payne offers both inspiration and a blueprint for change. This site has many articles and video interviews.

Lifeways North America

LifeWays offers an innovative relationship-based vision for childcare, both by parents in the home and by childcare providers in childcare centers, for children from birth to 6 years. This links to the blog and resources section.

Alliance for Childhood US:


An organization that promotes children's play and wellbeing in early childhood education. There are good publications on their site.

Waldorf in the Home

Resources for Nourishing Family Life A host of articles, resources and links for bringing meaning and health to to home.

Sophia’s Hearth Family Center

A collection of short articles that may be of interest to parents, caregivers, early childhood teachers, and other professionals.

IASWECE International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education

This website describes early childhood projects worldwide, and has a list of articles and resources for the young child, and a list of Waldorf kindergartens and early childhood training centers worldwide.


Some of these sites may be helpful in further reading, and in reading about how others live with different aspects of the basic principles.

Joyful Toddlers Faith Baldwin writes from her exerience as a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher. Her blog is about increasing our enjoyment of the young children in our lives through concrete action and the lens through which we view them.

John Allison (Parent-thesis)

John Allisson is a Waldorf/Steiner school teacher, lecturer and editor of a quarterly newsletter called Parent-theses which covers parental questions and issues, and includes lectures from a range of authors. The recent issue is posted on his site (above) the back issues are available here:

Natural Rhythms 

Jeannette Jackson Lancien writes an interesting, insightful blog. Her work centers around supporting families in creating a harmonious, rhythmic way of supporting each other in authentic living.

The Magic Onions

A craft idea blog full of projects to make a t home with your little ones and some shared iinsights about Waldorf education.

Whole Food Cooking

Jude Blereau is a natural foods chef, author, food coach, cooking teacher and real food activist who has been involved with the organic and wholefoods industry for more than 18 years.

Research Institute for Waldorf Education A long list of research articles pertaining to education of the child.


Commercial Free Childhood

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups, parents, and individuals who are devoted to limiting the impact of commercial culture on children.  

U of Michigan Television and Children

Your Child Behavior and Development Resources: A Guide to Information and Support for Parents. A great resource for making media related decisions, based on a large collection of research and studies.

Media Awareness Network

Media and Internet Education Resources and Practical tips for helping parents manage media in the home.

Research Studies about TV and Children at Active Bodies Active Minds:


Australia: Spiral Garden

Specialises in wooden toys, fabric dolls, quality art supplies, organic toys, natural gifts for babies, quality books (mainly Steiner and homeschooling topics), magazine subscriptions, natural craft materials, co-operative games and other gift items.

Canada: Natural Pod

Quality natural play items that support creative and imaginative play.

New Zealand: Spindle Wood

Natural toys & play materials that foster the imagination of the child.

Europe: Waldorf Toys

Toys for heart, head and hands.

US: The Puppenstube

Waldorf inspired handmade dolls, toys, knits, and more... includes a California-based list of upcoming Waldorf events.

Bella Luna Toys

Waldorf-inspired toys and playthings to nourish the senses and inspire the imagination, made in Maine.


Here are some links that may be useful in informing yourself about immunization:

WAVE (World Association for Vaccine Education)

WAVE is globally focused, non-profit, educational institution providing an avenue for a public exchange of non-medical vaccine information, ideas and a continuously updated database of documents that concern vaccine risk and uselessness to redress the balance of information available to parents on vaccination issues.

(USA) National Vaccine Information Center

An independent clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccines, the oldest and largest consumer led organization advocating for the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the public health system.

Canadian Immunization Awareness Program

The Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness & Promotion (CCIAP) is a partnership of national non-governmental, professional, health, consumer, government and private sector organizations with a specific interest in promoting the understanding and use of vaccines recommended by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

VRAN (Vaccination Risk Awareness Network Inc.)

VRAN is a not-for-profit educational society. Our website is designed to provide you with more information about risks and potential side-effects of vaccines, to get support if you or someone you know may have suffered adverse reactions from vaccines, and to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to child and family health.

Thinking About Vaccination by Shannon Rizzo

An article about a parent and health care giver’s thoughts on vaccination of babies and young children.


Online Waldorf Library

A large database of Waldorf resources: lectures, journals, books, and links.

Waldorf Journal Project

This is an amazing new resource of translations from essays, magazines, and specialized studies from around the world.

Waldorf Early Childhood Association
of North America (WECAN)

A resource of information and links for Waldorf early childhood.

And their  Waldorf Early Childhood bibliogragraphy:

Associated Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)

About Waldorf Education, the curriculum, studies and other links.

Why Waldorf Works

A comprehensive site about Waldorf Education sponsored by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA).

Alliance of Free Waldorf Schools - Bund der Freien Waldorfschulen

A succinct introduction to Waldorf Education.

On the following link is a list of countries (in German) of all the Steiner Waldorf School associations worldwide.


From this list, I have compiled the following list of the Alliances of Steiner (Waldorf) schools in English speaking countries with a directory to find local groups and schools.


    Steiner Schools of Australia

    Steiner Schools in Australia

    Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, UK

    Irish Steiner Waldorf Education Assosciation  

    Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association

    Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN)


    Associated Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA)

    Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in New Zealand

    Federation of Waldorf Schools in Southern Africa

Waldorf Online Library

Provides useful information to English speaking Waldorf teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and anyone interested in Waldorf education

Waldorf Answers

A private site, intending to provide answers about Waldorf education, in depth, that parents and prospective parents may have, and to clear up some of the misconceptions that may exist about Waldorf education.

A resource for parents and anyone interested in educating children in the twenty-first century, based on Waldorf education.

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