Conscious Parenting Guide

from The Incarnating Child by Joan Salter

copyright © 1987 Joan Salter

Hawthorn Press, Hawthorn House, 1 Lansdown Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1BJ UK



This brings us to consider the immense importance of visual and auditory sense impressions. For eyes must be 'tuned' to present the world intensely in all its variety. As an adult the child will need eyes that truly see and ears that truly hear if he is to experience the world. It is obvious that perception of an object is a necessary pre-requisite to an experience of what it has to offer. Some people today hardly notice the world around them, whether it is a vase of flowers on a table, the wind in the trees or the night sky. They have eyes that don't truly see and ears that don't truly hear, and their inner life is correspondingly barren because of it.


To help develop sensory capacities, which will enrich the child's immediate present and his adult life, means starting at birth with good quality sense impressions.