Conscious Parenting Guide

from Winnicott on the Child by D.W. Winnicott page 203

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or Home Is Where We Start From: Essays by a Psychologist - copyright © 1986 the Estate of D.W.Winnicott, W.W. Norton & Company 1986




It seems to me there is something missing in human society. Children grow up and become in turn fathers and mothers, but, on the whole, they do not grow up to acknowledge just what their mothers did for them at the start. The reason is that the part the mother plays has only recently begun to be perceived. [...]


In the last half century there has been a great increase in awareness of the value of the home. (It cannot be helped if this awareness came first out of an understanding of the effect of a bad home.) We know something of the reasons why this long and exacting task, the parent's job of seeing their children through is worth doing