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from Winnicott on the Child by D.W. Winnicott page 32

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Mothers, unless they are psychiatrically ill, do orientate to their very specialized task during the last months of pregnancy [...] In this state, mothers become able to put themselves into the infant' shoes, so to speak. That is to say, they develop an amazing capacity for identification with the baby, and this makes them able to meet the basic needs of the infant that no machine can imitate and no teaching can reach.[...]


In the psychology of emotional growth, the individual's maturation process, if they are to become actual, need the provision of a facilitating environment. This latter, the facilitating environment, rapidly becomes extremely complex. Only a human being can know an infant in a way that makes possible an increasing complexity of adaptation that is graded to the infant's changing needs. Maturation in the early stages, and indeed all along, is very much a matter of integration.


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