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from When a Child is Born by Wilhelm zur Linden M.D.

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As with everything, a happy medium must be found here. Any attempt to toughen the child can lead merely to a hardening and a dulling of the senses when the aim is to maintain a healthy sensitivity to external stimuli provided for instance by sun, air water, water and food. So there should be no enforced exposure, for instance, to cold wind.


After the sixth week, the baby should have some fresh air daily. At first, his cot can be placed by the open window, and then when the weather is good his pram can be left for many hours on the balcony or in the veranda or garden so long as his head is protected from wind or sun. This is much better than taking him for a walk in the pram. In town the latter should be avoided as long as possible. The noise of cars rushing past shocks the baby and the worst exhaust fumes lie low on the road at the level of many prams.[…]


It is equally pointless to take him for a walk in a pram which is completely sealed against the elements. One might as well spare him the jolting.


Babies cool very quickly in cold wind, so in windy weather their time out of doors must be correspondingly shorter. East winds and cold below 21°F (minus 4°C) call for particular caution, extra clothes and coverings, and even a hot water bottle.




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