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from When a Child is Born by Wilhelm zur Linden M.D.


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On the whole a baby with a full tummy and not too wet a nappy does not cry with out reason. But some are more restless and cry more readily if there is a fold in the nappy or if they are bored. These stop as soon as they are attended to. Rudolf Steiner once suggested that a canopy of orange silk might be a help with such children.

At the end of the first month or during the second month, however, there is a period which can last up to four weeks when nearly every baby cries regularly every day for an hour or two and cannot be comforted. So if there is nothing obviously wrong and if the crying takes place at the same time each day, usually towards evening, there is nothing for it but to grit one's teeth and comfort oneself with the knowledge that this is really the baby's first sporting activity which strengthens heart and lungs.


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