from Conscious Parenting by Lee Lozowick

copyright © Lee  Lozowick 1997

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The overall mood or texture of birth should be no different from the texture of ordinary life, except for details obviously. We should always be living, thinking and being in ways that entirely support the whole situation of pregnancy and birth—demonstrating kindness, loving attention and affection to our mates, to other children and friends, to our own parents, and so on. All of this registers with what will become, in childhood and adulthood, the person's unconscious mind and defining psychology. If we're not living that way initially, when the time comes to become a parent we have a great reminder for paying more attention to their basic needs, because birth is such a significant event. It often shatters our staid and unexamined notions of ordinary function.


This whole mood of kindness, generosity and compassion should be maintained from the moment the child is born, and before birth as well, in how the mother is treated during pregnancy.