Here are things you may want to consider before acquiring baby equipment. Though they are quite popular, the use of baby chairs that prop the baby up, baby swings, car seats used outside the car, jumping and walking devices, are not beneficial for the baby. The newborn especially is mostly focused on learning to see, learning to eat and digest, and finding a new relationship to his body. There is little need for stimulation or propping them up. For slings, look for horizontal ones for the first months (see Out and About and Slings link below.) The ideal position for a newborn is horizontal. This allows the head to be well supported and weight to be distributed evenly along spine and hips that are growing and becoming stronger, and it allows the child to come to the upright position in their own time, when they are physically able and ready for it. 

Gravity can actively deform a baby’s body during the first months of life.’ Michael Glöckler and Wolfgang Goebel [1]


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