Though for us a bath is relaxing, for a newborn the sense impressions during a bath can be quite intense, especially in winter with the shock of the cold air. Also, after birth, the newborn may still have some of the valuable vernix on his skin that provides nutrients and protection and is best left to be absorbed. In the first weeks, it may be better to bathe the baby only as they need it, usually once a week or twice in the summer, rather than make it a daily event. In the meantime, the baby can be gently wiped with a warm, damp cloth if they need it. 

If possible, it may also be preferable to avoid using soaps and shampoo the first months. A warm bath with plain water helps keep the baby's natural skin oils intact, which soap removes. After a bath, rubbing the delicate skin with organic sunflower or almond oil, or Weleda baby oil or lotion, can help keep them warm and protect the skin from the elements. Having a source of radiant heat (as opposed to a fan) close by can also help to keep the baby warm during and immediately after the bath.

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The baby’s bath 

by Marc Chagall