The baby's first weeks and months can be very intense both for the newborn and for the parents, especially if the baby cries a lot. Many babies find digestion painful at first, and the mother can help by looking at her diet for irritants being passed on through the milk such as intense spices, caffeine, and by drinking herb nursing teas such as Weleda nursing tea, or you can make your own mixture with this recipe:

Diong - Mother and child

Mother and Child, 1897 

by Mary Cassat

If the baby's gums are swollen, if he is teething, homeopathic teething drops or gel can be of great help. They can be found in health food stores.

But sometimes crying is just a fact, sometimes for hours, even at regular times of day, sometimes most of the day, especially in the early months, and the best thing to do is to be calm, hold the crying child, be caring and trust that this too shall pass. However, if the crying persists and seems worrisome, it may be wise to see a doctor.

If you are at your wit's end, it's a good idea to give the baby to someone else, or to put the crying child down in her crib or in a safe place and leave the room to give yourself space to compose yourself. Sometimes when one is exhausted, it just seems impossible to cope. If you have strong negative emotions toward the child, call someone you can talk to, or even a crisis line so you can vent or find help.

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Nursing tea recipe: (not for pregnant women)

1 part anise seed

1 part fennel seed

1 part fenugreek seed

1 part lemon verbena

    (you can also add raspberry leaf)

2 part caraway seeds

Use a teaspoon per cup let steep for 5-7 minutes.