Sleeping arrangements for the first months are very different for everyone. Some prefer having the baby with them in the bed for the first weeks or months, transferring the baby to a cradle or crib when he's older. Some have a cradle by the bed within reaching distance, others put the baby in the crib from the start. The important thing is that the baby and parents be able to sleep as well as possible and that the arrangement be easy, and comfortable for feeding times.

When the baby begins to kick out of her blankets at night, it can be a good idea to have a sleeping bag or sleep sack made of soft wool or cotton. This way the child can stay warm through the night. You can find some with zippers, but for the baby’s comfort I recommend buttons or snaps at the shoulders. Some have zippers below to keep the young baby warm during diaper changes, which is a good idea. But for older babies that mostly sleep through the night, they are not necessary. 

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